Student Project

Interpretation of a Concept art by Quentin Mabille

In between M3HALFTRACK and Billbot projects, I worked in an environment modeling based on a concept art. This is my first organic modeling project. I worked with multiple varieties of vegetable from grass or flowers to palms and trees and I also worked with organic shapes like rocks, walls and water. I developed my sculpting skills for organic modeling with Autodesk Mudbox. It was my hands-on learning environment for procedural shaders directly with Maya nodes and I learned to use the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) standard for color space in the scene and in Arnold. I loved this new dimension, as I was able to better fix the light intensity when fading in or out and produce more attractive colors in the image. I also created a couple of shaders for the land terrain in Substance Alchemist.

I used Autodesk Maya and Mudbox for modeling, Substance Painter and procedural nodes for shading and Adobe Photoshop for post-production and composition. Arnold was used for rendering.

3K Resolution

The word oasis came from Ancient Greek: ὄασις óasis, which in turn is a direct borrowing from Demotic Egyptian.

Oases are made fertile when sources of freshwater, such as underground rivers or aquifers, irrigate the surface naturally or via man-made wells. The presence of water on the surface or underground is necessary and the local or regional management of this essential resource is strategic, but not sufficient to create such areas.

Rain showers provide subterranean water to sustain natural oases. Impermeable rock and stone can trap water and retain it in pockets. Any incidence of water is then used by migrating birds, which also pass seeds with their droppings which will grow at the water's edge forming an oasis.


This is the concept art I used, created by Quentin Mabile, you can see his work in Artstation or Patreon.


In this project I experimented with different lighting in the same space. I was inspired by the typical mood of the forests in Avatar film.

My reference in this mood was AVATAR. This is one of my favourites CG generated movies.



June 2020

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